McUber was created to fill the need for a 64-bit and 32-bit cross platform programmer that could flash programs into a microcontrollers that has a bootloaders installed.

This application will later develop into a full fledge tool for microcontrollers, with the help of the robotics community. There are plans to add a terminal for serial port communcation and other functionalities that have been requested.

By downloading the application and/or source files you agree to the following license, click here to read the license.

The binaries are available for 32-bit and 64-bit version of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This product is currently in beta testing. Please e-mail us and suggestions/bug you may find.


We are conducting a survey to see if there is a high enough demand for a new release of McUber. Please let us know, your feedback is greatly appreciated! Click here to complete the survey


To run the binaries, unzip the contents of the zip file, then double click the McUber.jar file, it is a self executing file. Post-beta releases will have natively compiled executables. You must have the Java runtime installed which can be found at

  • Windows (64bit & 32 bit): click here
  • Linux (32bit): (coming soon)
  • Linux (64bit): (coming soon)
  • Mac OS X: (coming soon)